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Every day more and more online casinos are breaking into the online gaming industry. They provide hundreds of games and varieties of conditions which may take you some time to look over. There are some online casinos which are dedicated to specific nationalities and there are others which provide services globally. However within this review we will be informing you of the most popular and well recommended online casinos providing services to players from the Republic of Ireland. Some may be solely dedicated to their Irish players and others will have the functions to assist players from the Republic of Ireland as well as their players from other countries.

In this section we provide you with the following reviews with a detailed look on an All Irish Casino Review, Ladbrokes Casino Review and Paddy Power Casino review where you will find what to expect from these online casinos.

All Irish Casino

All Irish Casino is a fairly new online casino dedicating all of its games and services to online gaming players from the Republic of Ireland. You will find no other casino like it as its theme is completely related to its fellow Irish players and they spare no provisions in making sure that their players are completely satisfied.

No matter what kind of games you prefer playing, All Irish Casino has them all. Their games range from many slot and video slot machines, virtual games of chance such as Keno, Bingo and others, virtual table games and the most popular live table games. However to add to All Irish Casino’s uniqueness is the fact that this is the only Irish casino that provides live broadcasting of table games being streamed from a live casino in Malta where the online players can join in and play. This land-based casino is the Portomaso Casino. Located close to the Hilton complex in Malta, the Portomaso Casino has been entertaining both locals and foreigners for a number of years and has expanded its games to the online industry. By doing so all online players get the chance to play with real live professional dealers from the comfort of their own home.

All Irish Casino obtained their licence from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of the Republic of Malta and through this licence they are given the opportunity to provide any gaming services and online games to any country in Europe. They chose to provide their services to online players from the Republic of Ireland. Through this licence therefore they provide a safe, legal and legit environment for all online players abiding by the online gaming laws of both Malta and Ireland. Therefore all players need not worry about providing their personal details as everything is stored in state of the art security servers and are only accessible by a limited number of people within All Irish Casino.

Apart from providing virtual money for free play for all their games, All Irish Casino also offers competitive bonuses and offers daily, monthly or even randomly to registered players. Should you choose to experience All Irish Casino’s free play, you may also do so without having to register.

Paddy Power Casino

From the name itself, anyone can tell that this online casino mainly focuses on players from the Republic of Ireland. Although it also caters for players from the United Kingdom, its main theme and games are based around its Irish players. This can easily be seen from the colour schemes and game play used within its website.

Paddy Power Casino has now grown to be a very popular online casino. So much so that our Irish Casino review and other reviews recommend Paddy power Casino as one of the best online casinos in the industry. Players will find themselves enjoying countless games and specially provided bonuses that assure its high payout ratios.

Having renewed their website to provide better service to its players, Paddy power Casino has provided its players with personalized accounts. This means that once you log into your account, their system would have memorized the games you would have frequently played and opens them up directly for you as soon as you log in. The best part of this being that these games are not in fact stored in your computer’s memory but are actually stored in the memory of the website itself. This will also enable you to access your account and your favourite games from any computer anywhere around the world. This is also a form of non-downloadable games.

In some online casinos, they require you to download the games you wish to play instead of just clicking on them and playing. The downloadable casinos will store the games in your computer’s memory but will limit you to playing your games from one particular computer. Therefore Paddy power has eliminated this in order to enable you to play from anywhere.

Among Paddy Power casino’s many competitive bonus offers, they provide a scheme known as the ‘The Casino Club’ whereby any players who have already registered an account with them and have begun playing, can simply join this club by accumulating a certain amount of points. The more the points are collected the better chance the player will have to move up the points’ levels where he/she will eventually be able to cash in their points for money. This will able the players to increase their chances in winning big with Paddy Power Casino!

Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes Casino is also another well-established online casino which has been growing for the past 10 years. It has since become a household brand in the online gaming industry and has been constantly increasing the number and variations of their games.
Ladbrokes casino has a number of different websites from which it can be accessed. However when deciding to register an account with them, you are immediately and automatically transferred to their main website where you would need to fill in some personal data. Once you have done so and come up with a username and password (which are both personal), you will be able to access any of their websites as they are all integrated.

The reason why Ladbrokes Casino comprises of different websites is because Ladbrokes Casino has expanded in its specialisation of various types of games. The most popular of games are the Casino games and the sports betting games. Also, Ladbrokes provides opportunities for any poker enthusiasts to join their Poker tournaments (which can also be accessed through satellite). If you do not know how to play in a poker tournament, they even have a specialised website which explains the process. As mentioned earlier, you would only need to open one account with Ladbrokes Casino and through this account you could access any of their websites. In the case of sports betting, you could place your bets, log out and when you log in again, all your bets will be stored in your account and you could still follow them when you log in again.

Ladbrokes Casino is simple to use and access and they provide you the chance to play some of their casino virtual games with virtual money ‘for fun’. If you are not a serious gamer and are not quite sure on how some of the games work, you may use the virtual money provided to try out their games and see how they are played. It is fun and easy to do. By registering soon you will get the chance to benefit from their competitive bonuses.
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